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Trip Reports

While our club newsletter contains all of the details of our favorite trips, we give you a glimpse here. 

October 26 - 28, 2013

A small group of us headed to the Gee Creek Campground on the Hiawassee River for some camping, hiking, and sight-seeing. We stayed at the group campground which has a few water spigots but no electricity. Saturday was spent taking the scenic (aka out of the way) route to the Childer's Creek Parking Lot and Trailhead of the John Muir Trail just off Hiway 315. We hiked along the dry Hiawassee until suddenly there was water. We watched it rise while taking a snack break. The trail is easy for about two miles then gets narrow and rocky. We had great food and a nice campfire that night. Sunday most of the group boarded the scenic (aka really nice views of the river) train in hopes of seeing fall colors. But, alas, it was a week or so early. But the trip was very relaxing and rewarding.

October 19, 2013

The annual Standing Indian trip was again fun and successful. This year there was an interesting change. Instead of stashing bikes at the top and walking (7+ miles) up to them to ride down (7 miles) the group drove to the top and hiked down to the campsite. Everyone seemed to like the new arrangement. 

Web Master's Note: There is a huge gap here in our trip reports because I've been a bit negligent about posting summaries. Maybe soon I'll have a bit of time to go back to old newsletters and post them. 


Pinhoti Work Trip, February 23, 2008

The day was supposed to be warm but turned out very cold and dreary. However, four of us braved the chill and worked for several hours lopping small vegetation, sawing blow downs across the trail, and sprucing up the smurf blue blazes.

LeConte 2006

What a beautiful trip. The Birmingham weather forecasters were predicting some snow in the Smoky Mountains but who would have guessed snow off and on all weekend and 15 inches on top of Mt. LeConte when we got there! ......

Wind River Range 2005

....... In summary, we had quite a trip with a little bit of everything...easy
days, hard days, good and bad weather, plentiful wildlife ( moose, elk,
golden eagles)...we hated we got separated but "them's the breaks".  The
trip route plan and all travel details were perfect (Thanx Tom and
Catherine!).  A couple of "variables" sure, but the trip was a real
success...ready for next year's!!!!!! 

A Buffalo Float

The Buffalo River in Arkansas has a variety of trips to offer.  A group of us decided to do a leisurely paddle on the Lower portion from Dillard\92s Ferry to the White River the first week in June of 2005.  Our goal, easy paddling, lot\92s of fun, good food, and time with friends.  We achieved it all.....


The Purge 2005

Hello. My name is Jake. Many of you don\92t recognize my name and rightly so. This trip was not only my maiden voyage with the VTA, it was also my first backpacking escapade ever......

Mt. LeConte - 2004

I have been in the VTA for several years and have participated in many excursions.  This trip was a legend to me.... ...

Cades Code Winter Biking

Sometimes nothing can be more beautiful than the Smoky Mountains in the winter.... ...

Mammoth Lakes

Aug 30:  Six of us flew from Birmingham to Reno.  There we split up and met others to drive to Mammoth Lakes......


Port St. Joe

The trip to Port St. Joe is one that I look forward to every year.  The fellowship is fantastic, the cabins are comfortable.......

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