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Note: The VTA, BARC and SCARC no longer perform Search and Rescue at Oak Mountain State Park. The use of cell phones allows the park staff to more easily assist lost hikers.

Successful Search and Rescue Practice at Oak Mountain State Park!

The VTA, Vulcan Orienteering Club (VOC), Birmingham Amateur Radio Club (BARC), and the Shelby County Amateur Radio Club (SCARC) held a successful Search and Rescue Practice at Oak Mountain on Saturday, May 17th, 2008. We had four teams equipped with Ham radios, APRS live tracking units and, of course maps. 

Our three 'lost hikers' (a father and two sons who became separated) were found during a search that covered the park from the North Trailhead to Peavine Falls. The searchers met at the park office at 4 pm. After a brief training session and the selection of team leaders, communicators and searchers, the teams headed to their start points. The communications team in the park office tracked and recorded the frequent location reports by each team. The exercise ended shortly after 8 pm.

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