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Port St. Joe Trip Report - A College Girl's Perspective

The trip to Port St. Joe is one that I look forward to every year.  The fellowship is fantastic, the cabins are comfortable, and the food- spectacular!  There is nothing like the calm of the waves crashing against the shore, the gritty sand as it nestles into the crevices of your toes, and the shells that have been perfected over time… it is like a dream come true!  But the most important part, the part that always takes my breath away, is the sunsets.  The beautiful pastel colors blended across the canvas of the sky make an unforgettable sunset like no other.

The trip (January 16-19, 2004) was no exception.  While it was rainy and cold in Alabama, the VTA enjoyed warm temperatures and a beautiful view.  Friday night there was an amazing sunset, families trickled in, and my dad tested out his new fire pit.  Saturday morning the “A team” rallied the troops and left around 9:30 am for their annual all-day “trip to the point.”  They started on the bay outside of their cabins and walked all the way out to the point where the beach and the bay meet.  Then they walked all the way back on the beach side.  They walked 14 miles, but most said that the view and the experience were worth it.         

Saturday night was “seafood night” and as usual, it was a fantastic meal.  There was an enormous amount of food and no one left hungry!  Afterwards, we sat around the campfire and chatted about everything under the sun.  Unfortunately, the conversations were cut short because the sky opened up and there was a sudden downpour!

Sunday was beautiful - not a cloud in the sky.  The sun was out and it was warm enough to wear bathing suits!  It was a leisurely day filled with walks on the beach, kite flying, book reading, and Frisbee throwing.  That night the dinner theme was “mixed grill”.  The campfire was another success, and this time it wasn’t interrupted by the rain.  As the evening came to an end, everyone said their bittersweet goodnights, knowing that this was their last night at Port St. Joe for a whole year. 

The trip was a success.  We enjoyed three sunsets, three campfire, and three beautiful days at the beach.  Port St. Joe is a magical place that takes you away from the stresses of everyday life.  It reminds you that on the busy road of life, sometimes the best thing to do is stop and enjoy the scenery.


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